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Christina & Claus Meyer

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Christina & Claus Meyer

In our pursuit of quality craftsmanship, we are constantly inspired by dedicated souls who, like us, seek to deliver the absolute best in their field. Claus Meyer is a world-renowned restaurateur, cookbook author, entrepreneur, and co-founder of the world's best restaurant Noma. Meyer has worked for more than 30 years to promote the opportunities and attractive qualities of Danish cuisine and culinary culture. We met with Meyer and his wife, Christina Meyer in their Frederiksberg home for a conversation about French cuisine and the magic of freshly baked bread.

“I think there is a lot of spirit in the food. What I stand by and create is so much more than mere calories. It is feelings, thoughts and a dream to express something meaningful. What I create comes from the total sum of all the food I have made – from all the breads I have baked to all the cakes I have put together. Which, of course, is not something I've come up with solely by myself. My inspiration comes partly from France, but can also be attributed to the meals I have eaten elsewhere and things I have read. It's a good mix of elements I've come up with myself and things I've seen others do."

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The Meyers’ Frederiksberg home reflects the family's sense of creativity and craftsmanship. Thoughtful details such as Christina's homemade mug and self-designed brass lamps lend a palpable warmth and uniqueness to the family's personal kitchen.

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“I love learning from my experiences. I felt that I saw the light in France and it made me realize that there was something greater at stake than just good taste. The French cuisine and culture surrounding food are centred around love, respect for nature and the foundation of human civilization. At the time, I was not aware of the impact that climate crisis, antibiotics and groundwater pollution would have on the food industry. But I saw these big concepts – the love of the earth, respect for history and the idea of making an effort. And I recognized the absence of these ideas in Denmark. When I returned home from France, I felt confident that my purpose in life was to bring the magic of French food and culture to Denmark.”

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"It took me many years to figure out that I didn’t have to create an exact copy of what I’d seen in France, but that I could create a new, hybrid concept that originated on Danish soil. A concept that was rooted in the same values as that of the French but also unique and perhaps, in a sense, more refined. Nordic cuisine is fundamentally quite progressive and often touches upon contemporary and serious challenges, which French cuisine hasn’t yet begun to approach. With all this in mind, there is a genuine need to share this journey with others, whether you call it converting or teaching."

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Such is the dream of such an inspiring gastronomic entrepreneur. Claus and Christina send us off the door, full, with an affirmative feeling that making a little extra effort always makes things a little bit more magical.

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