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Kyle House

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Kyle House - A retreat in the Scottish Highlands

Kyle House, a renovated stone house, is part of WildLand, an ambitious landscape-scale conservation effort with the aim of restoring, protecting and enhancing thousands of wild land acres across the Scottish Highlands.
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Perhaps there were easier ways to turn a derelict house into a holiday cottage. But Kyle was never intended as such. Sitting in solitude in the hills, the house is a place to retreat and contemplate - to take life at your own pace. The design’s intention is to reflect that yearning for peace. Natural materials huned from the landscape set the tone. We have tried to select only the most necessary items, and ensure that those we do select are truly special. Flexible oak-lined walls and an open plan surround the carefully selected elements.
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The mid century modern style echoes in the wooden and metallic craftsmanship details. The wooden oak kitchen is equipped with our browned brass SP fixture, built within the wall and placed on a browned brass plate, creating a subtle focal point. The natural surfaces are well balanced in hues of brown, creating contrast and synergi at the same time.
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Walking through the heavy front door, you’ll find a kitchen fashioned from Danish oak, and a living space full of design treasures. Both spaces host two outstanding views over the landscape. Beside the log burning stove in the living room, you will find a large window with a reading nook overlooking the Kyle of Tongue - following the water right out to the sea. Sitting at the kitchen table, on the other side of the cottage, you can sip your morning coffee with a view over to Ben Loyal, a dramatic twin-peaked mountain often dubbed ‘The Queen of the Highlands’. Upstairs is no different, with uninterrupted views from the deep, inviting bathtub.