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Susanne Rützou - exploring the designer's home

For decades, Susanne Rützou has been widely regarded as one of Denmark’s biggest designers. Today, she has moved towards art and ceramics, while her private residence in Østerbro exudes her signature blend of well-made design and quality materiality.
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"My kitchen is the heart of the home. We spend many hours here. In the summer months, the tall French doors are always open, blurring the lines between inside and outside, and transforming the terrasse into a prolonged part of the room. I really appreciate the rare privilege of having a large, beautiful garden and an unobstructed view of the forest-like park below, while still living in the centre of the city."
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“The Garde Hvalsøe kitchen accommodates a good combination of quality and function, as well as a beautiful and simplistic look, which I find very fitting with the 1930’s soul of the house. My daughter and I are very fond of cooking, so the large kitchen lacks neither equipment nor my own ceramics, which I enjoy including in the household to test in everyday life.”
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“My creative space, and creation in itself, is almost a necessity of life for me. Even though I decided to change my focus from design to a more free and artistic function, my creative process is still a fluent unbroken line. Throughout the past few hours, my enjoyment of working with stoneware has grown steadily. Now, I have immersed myself in it wholly, and am often to be found in my workshop on the lower floor of the house, long into the night.” “I can't deny being an aesthetician, but my approach to the decor of my home is both intuitive and function-oriented. I have decoded mine and my children's needs and priorities, and from there found personal and aesthetic, as well as practical ways of solving the question of interiors. My home is my safe space, and it's important for me that my surroundings have soul and that the atmosphere is welcoming and engaging.”
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"The bathroom is a very special space, with elements such as barred metal windows, light terrazzo and clean lines. We decided to lean into the authentic and unpretentious feel of good materiality. Using timber and granite from Garde Hvalsøe, as well as fixtures from TONI Copenhagen, we were able to repeat the elements recurring throughout the house. It must be mentioned that the fixtures were already here when I moved in six years ago however, they were some of the parts which I was happy I wouldn't have to change in my renovation."
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